♎ Libra Daily ♎
♎ Wednesday, March 2 (Moon in Aquarius) ♎

You gain through friendships, especially from fellow members of a group. You work together for the common good, and at the same time pursue your wishes and dreams. You find strength in numbers and meaning through a group of like-minded individuals.

♎ Tuesday, March 1 (Moon into Aquarius, 12:15 AM) ♎

With Venus moves into your fifth house, you’re attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. Your love life flourishes, and so do your creative juices. You’re popular. You get along well with children, and you’re likely to gain through your contacts with younger people. 

♎ Monday, February 28 (Moon in Capricorn) ♎

You’re ambitious and motivated. Self-discipline and structure are key. Take care of any domestic issues lingering from the weekend. Maintain emotional balance. Authority figures and elderly people play a role.

♎ Sunday, February 27 (Moon in Capricorn) ♎

The moon is your fourth house. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Stick close to home. Yo’re dealing with the foundations of who you are and whom you are becoming. It’s a good day for meditation and dream recall. 

Saturday, February 26th (Moon into Capricorn, 2:32 PM)

Your attitude determines everything. Spread your good news. Ease up on routines. You’re creative; you express yourself well. Your artistic talents are highlighted. Enjoy the harmony, beauty, and pleasures of life. Beautify your home. Remain flexible.